Welcome to our Democracy Radio series! Sundays 6 pm – 7 pm Matthew Melton’s Democracy Show joined by co-host Dr. Churchill, the grandson of Winston Churchill, also coordinated by the Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance President Jane Xiuhong Jin, who Talk Show Host Mr. Matthew Melton affectionately calls “Jane for Liberty and Humanity”. On

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Strongly condemn CCP regime arrest HK democracy people! 強烈抗議中共逮捕香港民運人士!

We strongly condemn the CCP regime breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration of Hong Kong and enforce its HK “National Security Law”!強烈譴責中共違反香港“英中聯合公報”,強行國安法!習近平下台! 結束中共一黨專政!END the CCP RULING NOW!——————————————————————— Please contact us at the following / 請聯繫我們 Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) / 中國民主人權聯盟 Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) / 民主中國陣線​ ​ #SeattleFDC  (425) 535-8869 ziyouzhongguo,

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What the CCP did to Xinjiang people?!

Previous show on 3/21/2021Radio Show – What the CCP did to Xinjiang people?! Sundays 6-7pm PST Matthew Melton and Dr. Churchill’s Democracy Radio Talk Show.Joint co-ordinator: Jane Xiuhong Jin Speakers: Recently just escaped from Xinjiang, experienced how the CCP regime torture and what kind of the “Education Camps” life he experienced Mr. Serikzhan Bilash.

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CHINA FREEDOM ARMY (CFA) Ox New Year’s Proclamation

       The wheel of history has entered the year 2021. This past year was a year of both the igniting of passion for freedom, and the shaking of the CCP dictatorship! The resistance of the Chinese people across the mainland, to the dictatorship and communist tyranny, is surging!  Many people are fighting daily for their rights

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CDHRA to friends around the world – Happy New Year!

CDHRA to friends around the world – Happy New Year! The traditional Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, and the Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) and Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) would like to extend our New Year greetings to friends all over the world who care about and support China’s democratic

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CDHRA Delivered Coffin Gift to CCP on the Chinese New Year’s Day

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) Vice President Mr. Bai Jiemin and the East Branch Chairman lead a group of Chinese and hosted a protest in New York against the CCP regime. This included prosecution and arresting innocent conscientious people and locking them up in jail. CDHRA calls for release of all the political

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1/24/2021 Nationwide Protests Against the CCP INFILTRATION

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance called for the Nationwide Protests Against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictatorship regime.  STOP 🛑 CHINA CCP INFILTRATION, demand Biden administration take strong actions against the CCP PRC infiltration in the US. When: Sunday, January 24, 2021.  Time decided by each city. Where: decided by each city. Seattle: 2pm, @ Westlake Park,

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