Statement of China Human Rights Lawyers Group on Coronavirus Outbreak

China Human Rights Lawyers Group In January 2020, an outbreak of “new coronavirus” broke out in Wuhan, China, and it quickly spread to the whole country and more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Although the source of the virus has not been identified so far, more and more evidence shows that the central government, the Hubei government, and the Wuhan government have an inescapable responsibility for the expansion of the epidemic. The first is to suppress the “whistleblower” who tells the truth. At the end of December 2019, eight doctors in Wuhan issued a small warning to the epidemic.
The government’s documents and measures to prevent and control “public opinion” have also been continuously disclosed. While “Making Touch” 300 journalists entered Wuhan, the citizen journalist Chen Qiushi who spread the truth was isolated without disease, and another citizen Fang Bin was arrested directly by police. . Of course, in conjunction with the on-site arrests, the Internet deletes posts, blocks, and titles throughout the night. As for the blockade of the epidemic information, this is clearly a mass murder of the people deliberately manipulated by the state. The essence of the virus spread in China in 2020 is not a natural disaster, but a huge “human disaster”, a huge humanitarian disaster for humanity. China’s human rights lawyers are taking the lead, and Chinese human rights lawyers can’t bear to wait and see. The outbreak has become a huge humanitarian disaster, which once again proves the failure of the authoritarian totalitarian system. Under autocracy, the principle of “political security” is the first. For the benefit of small groups, governments at all levels completely ignore the life and security of the Chinese people. Even after knowing the truth of the virus, they still create big parties and let tens of thousands of people gather. , Aggravating the spread of the virus, causing countless citizens to die tragically. Under the principle of “political security” first, the so-called “new era” has continuously staged new ugly dramas of various taboos and diseases, firstly “seven do not speak”, and then “disputing the central government” and “political command” are not allowed to block the road. Close your eyes, lie in the country, keep expanding, abuse police power … For this reason, “grabbing lawyers, arresting doctors, arresting citizens, detaining petitioners, deleting posts, titles, and groups to conceal the truth, guilty of crimes, and expelling college faculty members”; the public’s right to freedom of speech, the right to know, and the right to supervision have been denied by the government Control, deprivation, and neglect of the right to life and health. The outbreak once again proved the evil of such tyranny, and at the same time proved the economist Amartya Sen’s famous saying, “Freedom of the press is the biggest rescuer of disaster”. The Chinese government’s practice today is to prove “prohibition “Information circulation is the biggest helper of disasters.”

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