Puppet Puppeteer got fired because of calling CCP virus as Wuhan pneumonia

Recently, a puppeteer of Thunderbolt (a famous Taiwan series) posted on Facebook that “Every time I see a friend who likes praise, the name with the word ” crown ” will think of” new crown virus “”. ‘All right, I’d like still to call it as Wuhan pneumonia”. It was taken a screenshot by Chinese internet users and marked the official Weibo of Perak pouch play for an explanation.

They not only targeted the witch puppet puppeteer witch hunter, but also started the parent company “Perak International Multimedia Co., Ltd.” one after another. They dug up the company’s past conference briefings and chairman Huang Qianghua pointed out that “Taiwan itself is a The interview picture of a country with diverse integration, and screenshots refer to the Perak puppet show as “Taiwan independence.”

Under the pressure of Chinese netizens, the company apologized and dismissed employees who made inappropriate comments. However, there are still many companies including Paper(Top 20 Network game company in china), who have cancelled their contracts, and all of their episodes have been removed from Bilibili and multiple video platforms. Such an overreaction made people wonder whether a new round of Cultural Revolution has arrived.

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