The 3rd Congress of Chinese Democracy & human rights alliance held in Liberty Sculpture Park

The third congress of the Chinese Democracy & human rights alliance(CDHRA) US branch was held in the Liberty Sculpture in CA, the USA on February 8, 2020. The election produced the chairman of the US branch of the CDHR Xiuhong Jin and two vice-chairmen Shisheng Chen. 9 Director and supervisors.

Sheng Xue, the vice-chairman of Canada CDHRA, Wang Dai, vice chairman of Japan CDHRA, and Jin Xiuhong, vice chairman of Seattle, and other members of the branch of the Democratic Front and other guests from about 100 people attended the meeting, and More than 10 guests, including 64 student movement leaders Fang Zheng, Zhou Fengsuo and Zhao Changqing, delivered speeches.

The conference announced five proposals, the Los Angeles branch chairman Van Noord read out on the [Hong Kong issue proposal], and the former Uyghur Association chairman Mr. Ilysati read out about the status of the Chinese Communist Party ’s cruel suppression of people and religions in ethnic minority areas in Xinjiang Proposal] Jin Xiuhong, Zheng Yun, and Chen Shisheng, chairman of the Democratic Front branch from Washington DC, read out the [Proposal for the Acquittal of Wang Bingzhang]. [The Appeal for the Status of China ’s New Coronavirus] and [About Breaking the Pattern, Multiple Identity Proposal].

The meeting was successfully ended with the support of the farmer’s free sculpture artist Chen Weimin and fellow democratic colleagues.

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