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The 31st Tiananmen Massacre and 1989 Tiananmen democracy movement Event Program

Protest and condemn the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime’s killing in 1989 in
Tiananmen Square, and NOW in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and
spread its CCP Wuhan virus to the world and killing people.
For in commemoration of those innocent unknown heroes who were killed,
we get together for this the 31st Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre.
The CCP regime is against humanity, democracy and human rights.
We the Chinese people want to take down that one party CCP monopoly regime!
We call the US government and American people to stand up and take actions
to support Chinese democracy and human rights!

June 3rd, 2020
Pacific Standard Time: 4:30pm – 8:00pm
Test the online software on Sat. 5/30/2020, notice will be sent on 5/29/2020
All speakers is advised to join.

Wherever you are at Pacific Standard Time between 4:30pm – 8pm

Please email us your …@gmail.com email address to ChinaHumanRightsAlliance@gmail.com,
so that we can add you to our secured meeting percipient list.
Please make a sign or picture as your meeting background if you’d like.
The online software: Webex and Zoom meeting. We will send updated info before then.
Please install the software in advance before the meeting. Email will be send on 5/29.
If you have questions please call 425-535-8869 or 680-600-6727.
5Ws – The 31st Anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre online Event 2020

Host Organizations (Alphabetic Order) / 主辦單位 (按英⽂字⺟順序)
64Memo, Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Archives / 六四檔案

China Aid / 對華援助協會
Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance 中國⺠主⼈權聯盟
Democracy Education Foundation / ⺠主教育基⾦會
Democratic Party of China / 中国⺠主党全委会
Federation for a Democratic China USA / 美國⺠陣
Liberty Sculpture Park / ⾃由雕塑公園
Wei Jingsheng Foundation / 魏京⽣基⾦會

Participate Organizations
Updated on 5/28/2020 (Still increasing, Alphabetic Order) If your organization name is missing or incorrect please notify us at ChinaHumanRightsAlliance@gmail.com ASAP. All speakers please provide your short descriptions, title of you with your organization’s English name, your full name, Ms or Mr ASAP by 6/ 1/2020 so that we can introduce you before your speech . Thank you.

21st Century Initiative, Washington DC Think Tank /21世纪⾏动, ⾸都華盛頓智囊
64Memo, Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Archives / 六四檔案 https://www.64memo.com
All people Act together / 全⺠共振平台
American Chinese Republic Party / 美華共和黨
Amnesty International, Seattle, WA /華州⻄雅圖國際⼤赦
Alliance for a Democratic China / 中國⺠聯 / 《北京之春》
China Aid / 對華援助協會
China Democracy Party / 中国⺠主党
China Democracy Party Holland /荷兰中国⺠主党海外委员会
China Democracy and Freedom Fighters / 中國⺠主⾃由軍
China Democracy Transform Institute / 中國⺠主轉型研究所
China Social Democratic /中國社會⺠主黨
Chinese Democracy and Education Foundation/中國⺠主教育基⾦會
Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA)/中國⺠主⼈權聯盟 http://www.freeourchina.com
Committee for US international Broadcasting / 美國國際廣播協會
Democratic Party of China / 中国⺠主党全委会 5Ws – The 31st Anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre online Event 2020 3 of 6 Dialog China / 對話中國
Democracy China Media / ⺠主中華傳媒
Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) USA /美國⺠主中國陣線
Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) Canada/ 加拿⼤⺠主中國陣線
Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) Holland / 荷兰⺠主中國陣線�
Federation for a Democratic China in Europe / 欧洲⺠主中国阵线 Former Sec.of State (Asia-Pacific) Hon. David Kilgour, J.D., Canada / 加拿加拿⼤国会亚太司司 ⻓戴維喬⾼�
Free Dr. Wang Bingzhang Alliance / 救援王炳章委員會
Humanitarian China / ⼈道中國 https://h-china.org/
Los Angeles China Democracy Forum/洛杉矶中国⺠主平台
Liberty Democracy Party of China / 中國⾃由⺠主黨
Liberty sculpture park, USA /美国⺠主雕塑公园
National Clergy Council. USA / 美國國家神職⼈員協會
Reformed Presbyterian Church Manassas Virginia /弗吉尼亞州瑪納薩斯改⾰宗⻑⽼會
Reformed Presbyterian Church/美国改⾰宗⻓⽼会
Saints Horn / 聖徒號⻆
San Francisco Forum / 舊⾦⼭論談
Solidarity China (Paris) to your list !(France)� / 中国团结协会 (法國)�
Support Hong Kong Alliance / ⽀持⾹港聯盟
Taiwan’s Democratic Progress Party, Seattle representative / 台灣⺠主進步黨⻄雅圖代表
The Association Against Religious Persecution / 反宗教迫害(加拿⼤)�
The United Front for Just War Against Communism / 反共正義戰爭聯合陣線
The Viet Democratic Side’s International Forum / 越南⺠主國際論壇
Tiananmen Democracy University / 天安⾨⺠主⼤學 https://www.tiananmenuniv.com
Tibetan Representative / 藏⼈代表
Uyghur Association / 维吾尔协会
Victims of communism memorial foundation / 共產主義受難者基⾦會
Visual Artists Guild / 視覺藝術家協會
Wei Jingsheng Foundation / 魏京⽣基⾦會
Women’s Rights in China / 中國婦權
World Uyghur Congress / 维吾尔世委会

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