A Proposal on solidarity and support for Mr. Wang Bingzhang and all Chinese political prisoners

Dear democracy fellows and fighters,hi.

Dr. Wang Bingzhang is a pioneer of the Chinese Overseas Democracy Movement in modern times and an outstanding leader of the Chinese democracy movement. On the 18th anniversary of Mr. Wang Bingzhang’s imprisonment, we initiative that all organizations and individuals who support China’s democratic career and strive for the democratic freedom of the Chinese people, please join us in solidarity and support for Mr. Wang Bingzhang who is being jailed in prison by the Chinese Communist Party.

Wang Bingzhang is innocent! Release Wang Bingzhang immediately!

Dr. Wang Bingzhang’s contribution to China’s democratic movement is admirable and a well-deserved example of becoming an overseas democracy activist. Mr. Wang Bingzhang has made the best effort to engage in and promote various democratic activities. In 1982, he founded China’s first democratic journal Spring of Beijing, in New York, USA. In 1989, he participated in the establishment and chairmanship of the Chinese Liberal Democratic Party. In 1998, he participated in the creation of the Chinese Democracy and Justice Party. In 2000, he served as an advisor to the China Democracy Party’s overseas headquarters. Mr. Wang Bingzhang’s book, The Road to China’s Democratic Revolution-Questions and Answers on the 100 Questions of China’s Democratization Movement, answered the questions about China’s democratic concept, movement strategy, improvement or revolution in a straightforward way, that his good thinking and far-sightedness can be called a classic book that guides the Chinese democratic movement. This was an important reason why the CCP feared and vigorously arrested him.

The Chinese Communist Party sentenced Dr. Wang Bingzhang to life imprisonment on charges of engaging espionage in Taiwan and organizing a terrorist organization. However, the Chinese Communist Party has not provided any evidence to prove that Wang Bingzhang was engaging espionage in Taiwan and organizing a terrorist organization. The children of Mr. Wang Bingzhang have also been confirmed from Taiwan and Thailand that none of the two charges imposed on Wang Bingzhang can be proved, and none of them are the truths!

During the 18 years of imprisonment, Mr. Wang Bingzhang has suffered multiple strokes and various diseases, but his loved ones have been unable to visit him. The CCP’s approach is extremely brutal and inhuman. Nowadays, Mr. Wang Bingzhang has not written to his family for more than half a year, and many people are worried about his personal health. We solemnly warn the Chinese authorities to stop the persecution! Release Wang Bingzhang! Wang Bingzhang is innocent! 

If Mr. Wang Bingzhang was wrong, that is because he had forgotten his personal safety and devoted himself to the cause of freedom and democracy of the Chinese people. His lifelong pursuit is to allow the Chinese people to enjoy universal value, and to enjoy the life of democracy, freedom and happiness, as the people all over the world. If he did not oppose the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, his medical doctor qualifications could bring him great wealth and success. However, for the well-being of the Chinese people, Mr. Wang Bingzhang embarked on the path of pursuing freedom and democracy for all Chinese people, that his deep love is boundless and his mercy mind is limitless around the world!

Dr. Wang Bingzhang’s dedication to his life should be a benchmark for every person who pursues democracy. Wang Bingzhang is not guilty! The CCP authorities should recognize the current situation and release Wang Bingzhang! At the same time, we demand the release of all political prisoners detained by the CCP for the cause of freedom and democracy of the Chinese people who like Wang Bingzhang! If the CCP authorities still do not think about regret, react against the tide of the world, insist on dictatorship and tyranny, and be enemies to the civilization of the world, that they will be eliminated and buried by history!

   Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) & the US branch of Federation For A Democratic China (FDC)

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