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Support Congressman Chris Smith

Liberty Sculpture Park – 8.30.2020 @10am PST

Congressman Smith is the vice chairman of the Congressional-Executive

Committee on China and the co-chair of the Lantos Human Rights Commis-
sion. Congressman Smith has always been a great advocate for China’s

democracy, freedom and human rights, and a strong opponent to the CCP for

its massacre, imprisonments of activists, religious groups and ethnic minori-
ties. He has organized many congressional hearings exposing CCP’s crimes,

and was an important drafter of the legislations on freedoms and democracy in
Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, and US Taiwan relations. He is one of the most
influential members of the US Congress who supports the cause of China’s

democratic forces and is a senior member of the International Affairs Commit-
tee of the House of Representatives. Congressman Smith is also the only

member of the House of Representatives on the CCP’s sanction list.
We must fight against CCP, support Congressman Smith’s in his re-election!
You can make a donation online, or fill out a form and send a check.

*Only US permanent residents and US citizens can donate. Federal law stipu-
lates that each person can contribute up to $2800.

Please support Mr. Smith, a true champion for freedom and democracy in
China! https://smith4nj.com Choose to donate!
Organizers of Friends of Congressman Chris Smith Chinese Freedom
Network: Pastor Bob Fu, world famous sculpture artist Chen Weiming,

Tiananmen Hero Fang Zheng, Tiananmen student leader Fengsuo Zhou, Hu-
man rights activist Ms. Ann Lau, democratic activist Jane Xiuhong Jin, democ-
racy activist Mr. James Zheng

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