Global Fully Resist CCP PRC on 10.1.2020

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime prohibits the people from having freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religious belief, freedom of association, and free voting rights. The CCP is the largest terrorist organization in the World. Both history and reality tell us that the CCP cannot be believed! 

1. During the eight years of the War of Resistance, the CCP did not fight the Japanese army. Instead, they fought exclusively against the national army; more than 200 generals and more than 3 million officers and soldiers of the national army were killed on the frontal anti-Japanese battlefield, while the CCP army grew from 20,000 to 1.5 million. The CCP engaged in false peace talks with the legal Government, on the other hand, it passively resisted the Japanese War, preserved its strength, and expanded its rear base areas. 

2. For this five-star flag, after the end of the War of Resistance, the CCP launched a civil war to subvert the Republic of China created by Sun Yat-sen, resulting in 40 million Chinese deaths. 

3. Under this five-star flag, from October 1, 1949 to the present, land reform, suppression of “counter-revolutionaries”, three anti-five, anti-rights, anti-rightism, The Great Famine, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, June 4th Massacre, demolished churches, and persecuted Falun Gong , Massacre of ethnic minorities in Tibet, Xinjiang and Mongolia, arrest of human rights activists and lawyers, 80 million Chinese died of persecution and starvation their reward for free thought and Freedom. 

4. Under this five-star flag, the United States helped China join the World Trade Organization. After the rise of the CCP, the United States was infringed upon in the fields of economy, politics, culture, technology, and ideology. Brainwashing Americans was taking root. 

5. Under this five-star flag, the CCP tore up the “China-UK Joint Declaration”, promulgated the “Hong Kong National Security Law”, abolished Hong Kong’s “One Country, Two Systems”, destroyed Hong Kong, one of the world’s largest financial centers, wanted and arrested opponents from various countries and Hong Kong in exile. 

6. Under this five-star flag, the CCP has unscrupulously deprived millions of property owners in rural and urban areas, causing them to be displaced. Some were forced to commit suicide, jump off buildings, or be run over by bulldozers. The CCP arbitrarily deprived the farmers of the last little property ownership, making corrupt officials run rampant. After the peasants were plundered, the party and government holders at all levels of the party and government have taken advantage of their own economy and expanded their assets by leaps and bounds. A surge of hundreds or even thousands of times. All completed on the sweat and tears of generations lost. 

7. Under this five-star flag, the Chinese embassy in the United States has blacklisted tens of thousands of Chinese, and they are not allowed to return to the motherland for business, visit relatives 

and friends, and their parents cannot return to the country to fulfill their filial piety. 

8. Under this five-star flag, the CCP has spread the new crown (Corona) virus (CCP virus) all over the world, infecting millions and killing hundred of thousands of Americans; more than 30 million Americans are unemployed, causing a sharp economic decline in the United States and other countries in the world . The CCP virus has severely affected Chinatown’s economy: the market is sluggish, business is bankrupt, and Chinese lives are in a difficult situation. 

9. Communism has harmed mankind for a hundred years. The CCP is the last bastion of communism. This five-star flag is stained by the blood of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. All those who fly the five-star flag are against the universal values of mankind, against the American democratic system, and insult the Chinese who have died and the Americans and many others around the World, all killed by the CCP virus. 

Representatives in the U.S., ruling and opposition parties and democracies around the world, have become more and more aware of the CCP’s deceptive practices, are uniting together to liquidate the CCP’s crimes against humanity. 

A number of Chinese pro-democracy organizations have jointly decided that we will join the appeals of our Tibetan compatriots and all friends who oppose the CCP’s dictatorship. All overseas Chinese groups will take off the five-star flag of the mainland and hold a global joint action before the 10.1 National Day of 2020 – Declaring a total rejection of the CCP ❌ country. Various localities will express our comprehensive rejection of the CCP’s dictatorship and tyranny in various ways. We never want to see any five-star flag under the full control of the CCP! If the mainland holds a flag-raising ceremony around November, we will try our best to stop it, because a dictatorship that suppresses the people cannot represent our Chinese people! 

We advise all pro-Communist groups and individuals. Please understand the situation clearly, remove the five-star flag, don’t make sacrifices for the doomed CCP dictatorship, and refuse to join the Chinese Communist Party. Start with the lowering of the five-star flag! We also warn those individuals or groups that continue to collaborate with the CCP. Once discovered, we will announce the name of your company and call on all friends who love freedom and democracy to refuse to offer you any business opportunities. The CCP’s anti-democracy, anti-freedom and anti-human features have been exposed! Cooperating with the CCP’s tyranny is even willing to be a runaway dog, and it will never end well. It is destined to be sad! 

Friends, a new wave of democracy is surging! Let us ride the wind and waves, adapt to the times, overthrow the tyranny of the CCP, and fight for the establishment of a democratic and constitutional new China! 

We strongly condemn the CCP regime breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration for Hong Kong and enforce its HK “National Security Law”!

強烈譴責中共違反香港“英中聯合公報”,強行國安法!習近平下台! 結束中共一黨專政!
Please contact us at the following / 請聯繫我們

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) / 中國民主人權聯盟

Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) / 民主中國陣線 #SeattleFDC  (425) 535-8869 ziyouzhongguo, SeattleFDC, CDHRA

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