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1/24/2021 Nationwide Protests Against the CCP INFILTRATION

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance called for the Nationwide Protests Against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictatorship regime.  STOP 🛑 CHINA CCP INFILTRATION, demand Biden administration take strong actions against the CCP PRC infiltration in the US.

When: Sunday, January 24, 2021.  Time decided by each city.

Where: decided by each city.

Seattle: 2pm, @ Westlake Park, 401 E Pine St., Seattle, WA

Las Angeles: 2pm In front of the Chinese Consulate, CA

New York: 1:30pm, In front of the United Nation

(East 43rd St. and 1st Ave Ralph Bunche Park)

Each areas based on your situation to decide your time and location.

The event will be on the 1st weekend of Joe Biden’s presidency. The Chinese community will let their voices be heard!

The CCP is the root of EVIL. The CCP is the enemy of the US national security, democracy and freedom.  The CCP has been infiltrating, purchasing, and corrupting our US government and Chinese democracy organizations.  We call on president Biden and his administration to take real actions to keep vigilant against the CCP REGIME.

Wake up, the US!
Stop the CCP infiltration!

End the CCP NOW!
Ending the CCP is the ONLY way to save the free world!


National Action Against the CCP

Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA)

Federation for a Democratic China ( FDC)



425.535.8869 (West Coast)

(626) 684-6099 (East Coast)

(510) 320-7745 (West Coast)


425.525.8869 (West Coast)

(201) 744-8843  (East Coast)




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