CDHRA Delivered Coffin Gift to CCP on the Chinese New Year’s Day

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) Vice President Mr. Bai Jiemin and the East Branch Chairman lead a group of Chinese and hosted a protest in New York against the CCP regime. This included prosecution and arresting innocent conscientious people and locking them up in jail. CDHRA calls for release of all the political prisoners, property rights activists, and all the innocents who are arrested.

CCP is the root of EVIL. CCP infiltrates the free world, corrupts foreign country officials and Chinese human rights organizations’ leaders. This is while quietly trying to take control of the world. They want to kill free speech, free publication, free assembly, free religious beliefs and all the Western Free World values.

CCP cheats, and lies, doing their best to brainwash people in the world and trying to tell the Chinese regime is the best while it locks up millions of Xinjiang Uyghurs and other innocent people in the “Education” cancenpation camps. 

CCP’s nature is invading and taking over the world, and if anyone has hope on the CCP will automate and lead them to a downfall, because the CCP WILL NEVER TELL YOU THE TRUTH, it always LIES. The world should remember that the CCP “negotiated with Kuomin Tang ROC Jiang Kaishek leadership when the CCP was weak. But each time after the “negotiation” each time it gets stronger; the cheating devil won. Therefore, the world must remember the history – CCP CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

The Chinese New Year Day of the Ox, people delivered gift – COFFIN to the CCP at the Chinese Consult in New York, to show their best wishes to END THE CCP!

CDHRA Report on the Day of Ox, 2021

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