CHINA FREEDOM ARMY (CFA) Ox New Year’s Proclamation

       The wheel of history has entered the year 2021. This past year was a year of both the igniting of passion for freedom, and the shaking of the CCP dictatorship!

The resistance of the Chinese people across the mainland, to the dictatorship and communist tyranny, is surging! 

Many people are fighting daily for their rights and many are fighting relentlessly in captivity for their freedom. The dawn of freedom and a new chance for human rights freedom with a new Constitutional Republic has entered the New Year of 2021. The brave freedom warriors in mainland China, Hong Kong, and overseas, have won the struggles against the CCP for themselves, but there are many more for us to win, together, as a people, “We The People!”  

The blind, numb and cowardly Chinese bear great sacrifices.  It is time to wake the sleeping giant, “We The People!” and take our country back!

2021 brings us this new opportunity to destroy the CCP’s rule. All of my colleagues in the Chinese Free Army (CFA) pledged to fulfill their sacred mission as always, stand with all the oppressed, continue to speak out for the vast number of Chinese who have been insulted, persecuted, and launch a battle against the evil dictatorship of the CCP!

In this battle against the bloody rule of the CCP’s dictatorship, there are still many difficulties waiting for us, and there will be many warriors who will fall before dawn, but we shall not be afraid of sacrif

ices, we will not be swayed, we vow to take a stand for freedom and fight the communist dictatorship and its fascism until we have a victory for our people and their freedom!

On the occasion of the 2021 New Year, I wish the mainland Chinese people and overseas freedom warriors who have fought arduously against the Communist bandits, and all of the brothers and sisters, our allies, who have resolutely fought against the CCP, happy holidays!

Much love and freedom for all!

China Freedom Army (CFA)

New Year’s Eve 2021 United States

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