Strongly condemn CCP regime arrest HK democracy people! 強烈抗議中共逮捕香港民運人士!

We strongly condemn the CCP regime breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration of Hong Kong and enforce its HK “National Security Law”!強烈譴責中共違反香港“英中聯合公報”,強行國安法!習近平下台! 結束中共一黨專政!
END the CCP RULING NOW!——————————————————————— 
Please contact us at the following / 請聯繫我們

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) / 中國民主人權聯盟

Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) / 民主中國陣線

www.FreeOurChina.com www.SeattleFDC.com​ ​www.FDC64.org

ChinaHumanRightsAlliance@gmail.com #SeattleFDC  (425) 535-8869

Youtube.com: ziyouzhongguo, SeattleFDC, CDHRA

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