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Todays show – 1150kknw.com Matthew Melton’s Democracy Show joined by the Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance Chairman Jane Xiuhong Jin at 6pm – 7pm PST.

At today’s show we invited the Chinese shipping seaman Mr. Liang Haibin, who publicly criticize against the Chinese government Xi Jinping doesn’t care about seamen’s lives and benefit irregardless he made a speech in 2018 when Xi visit Panama claimed he cares.

Mr. Liang uncovered the CCP regime prohibit to allow the Chinese seamen to join ITF so that their lives and benefit can be fully monopolized by the CCP regime as well as shipping companies.

Mr. Liang Haibin represented and helped other co-workers to demand their salaries to be paid, and also after one full year on the sea when they were rejected to get off the ship, him and others posted slogan says “we ware healthy, we want to have an vocation. We want our freedom and human rights”!

Mr. Haibin Liang also told us that the Chinese shipping companies using different countries flags on the sea as they needed…  

On June 25th is World Seamen’s Day, he hopes he can call the world pay attention to 15 jailed Chinese seamen without any help by Chinese government nor any organizations.

The Vice President of Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA www.FreeOurChina.com) Mr. Bai, Jiemin spoke at the Radio program and told people when he was in China every year the CCP regime arrest him and throw him in Jail.  He is minority Hui, but he was forced to eat only pork, otherwise no food. They intentionally force him to eat pork instead of chicken meat or Chicken eggs. Because the requested again and again the police hung him up, bit him also use electronic device put inside of his body!…  

I was arrested again and again just because in 1980s Deng Xiaoping called Strict the Rule, so even I didn’t do anything wrong they treated me like that!  Therefore, if Mr. Haibin Liang was deported back to China he will be treated like me, I’m sure he will be treated better. 

Jane Xiuhong Jin, the CDHRA President, Mr. Jiemin Bai, the VP and Mr. Liang Haibin thank Mr. Matthew Melton’s Democracy Show host to care abou the Chinese human rights and let their voice to be heard, and willing to help.

We thank Mr. Melton’s warm hearted action will help Mr. Liang to apply for political asylum in the US.

We sincerely hope if you support Chinese freedom and human rights, against the CCP – the Chinese Communist Party regime please donate to support the show.  Or support Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance at www.FreeOurChina.com click on “

The recording of 4/11/2021 tonight’s show can be downloaded here:


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