6.12全球聯合行動撐香港、抗共匪 / Global Support HK Day 6.12.2021

週六 – 6月12日支持香港抗爭紀念香港手足光復香港鬥爭兩週年制止讓中共法西斯政權舉辦奧運!

2 years anniversary of Hong Kongers fighting for their basic human rights and demand real direct electionProtest against the CCP Communist Party of China regime attacks Hong Kong human rights created HK Massacre and arrest innocent HKers under the EVIL “national security law”!NO OLYMPIC GAME IN FASCISM CHINA!


Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance, Federation for a Democratic China, China Democracy Party, Alliance for a Democratic China and all friends who love freedom and human rights please come and join your local event!

西雅圖:下午12:30 – 1:30 西雅圖市中心西湖公園

Seattle: 6/12 12:30pm – 1:30pm Westlake Center ParkAddress: 401 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101, United Stateshttp://www.seattle.gov/parks/find/parks/westlake-park




Les Angelos, San Francisco, Las Vegas and many other cities all host the event to SUPPORT HK, AGAINST the CCP, STOP OLYMPIA GAME HOST BY THE CCP REGIME.P lease join your local event to Support Hong Kongers!Thank you!
Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance

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