Support Congressman Smith’s bill to allow virus related lawsuits against the CCP

Congressman Chris Smith has always supported China's human rights cause and has been calling for China's freedom and democracy.

Congressman Chris Smith has always supported China’s human rights cause and has been calling for China’s freedom and democracy.

Congressman Smith will propose a bill in Congress this week. The bill will propose that all American citizens can file court proceedings against the Wuhan Virus for the difficulties and losses in personal economic life that have caused them over the past year. It is recommended that all pro-democracy colleagues and those who have been harmed by the CCP virus to take action and actively forward the news.

If you have the ability and conditions, please call your local legislators to urge them TO VOICE support of this motion. We must thoroughly investigate the source of the virus. The perpetrators must not be allowed to go unpunished, and the CCP’s arrogance in the United States must be countered, and the CCP regime must apologize and compensate!

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA

Federation for a Democratic China (FDC

China Democracy Party







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