Organizations Joined Letter to Both the U.S. Chambers

There are many organizations who have jointedly signed this letter. We ask for thorough investigation and action against Chinese Communist Party (CCP) INFILTRATION and ATTACKS against our freedom and human rights in the United States.

Host A Hearing to Investigate, Against CCP INFILTRATION & ATTACKS in the U.S

All Congress and Senate Members

Washington DC, USA

Jane Xiuhong Jin

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance

PO Box 28067 Seattle, WA 98118 (425) 535-8869

Date: Aug 23rd, 2021

Dear Honorable the US Congressmen and Senators,

There are many organizations who have jointedly signed this letter. We ask for thorough investigation and action against Chinese Communist Party (CCP) INFILTRATION and ATTACKS against our freedom and human rights in the United States.  I am writing to you today regarding a very important country and freedom saving topic.

The CCP wants to shut us down and keep us completely voiceless, even though we live in what is supposed to be a FREE COUNTRY, USA – A Pillar of Freedom!  Recently, our “CCP VIRUS” sculpture in Liberty Sculpture Park, located in California, was attacked several times and finally totally burned down!  This is happening openly in theUnited States, in what is supposed to be a free country with 1st Amendment protected freedom of speech and expression, but still, they are allowed to attack our Chinese freedom artwork and get away with it?!

We strongly urge that the police department take action and find the criminals who committed this horrible acts.  We highly encourage the U.S. Government to take legislative action, and also ask that you host a hearing as soon as possible to discuss acting on these very important matters related to the CCP agent(s)/thugs in the U.S. to infiltrate and attack Chinese human rights.  Please help us!  We can provide plenty of evidence related to the CCP infiltration and attacks on U.S. freedom and human rights…

Please contact Pastor Bob Fu at 267-265-6087, or to me directly any time at 425-535-8869.

Thank you very much for your help.  We are praying for you and are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Bob Fu, President of China Aid

Jane Jin, President of Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA)


Felipe Alexandre, Esq (艾飛力)

(617) 875-2660

Fengsuo Zhou (周鋒鎖)

(510) 371-2098

Contact for Chinese inquiries (中文联系):

Weiming Chen (陳維明 )

(702) 750-6066

The following are over 70 organizations who have signed this letter urging the US Government to take action against the CCP thugs and agents:

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance 中国民主人权联盟

Humanitarian China 人道中国
Federation for a democratic China 民主中国阵线

US Committee of Democracy Party of China 中国民主党全委会

China Democratic Unity League 中国民联

Wei Jingsheng Foundation &  Overseas Chinese democracy coalition 魏京生基金會與海外中國聯席會

China Democracy Party Joint Headquarters (Overseas)

Christian Justice League 中国民主党海外联合总部基督徒公义联盟

Women’s Rights in China 中国妇权

Chinese Democracy Education Foundation 中国民主教育基金会

China Aid 对华援助协会

Los Angeles Chinese Democracy Platform 洛杉矶中国民主平台

Australian Values Alliance 澳洲价值守护联盟

Canadian Values Alliance 加拿大价值守护联盟

The League of Chinese Victims 中国冤民大同盟

Los Angeles Party Headquarters of the China Democracy Party Committee 中國民主黨全委會洛杉磯黨部

China Social Democratic Party 中国社会民主党 六四档案

Visual Artists Guild 视觉艺术家协会

New Zealand Values Alliance 紐西蘭價值聯盟

New Zealand Chinese Democratic Movement Association 紐西蘭中國民運聯絡會

Global Support Hong Kong Alliance 全球支持香港联盟

China Democracy Party Canada Regional Committee 中国民主党加拿大地区委员会

New Zealand Values Alliance

Sino-Tibetan Friendship Association

New Zealand Democracy Platform

Japan-China Democratization Group Coordination Committee 日本中國民主化运动團體協調會

Federation for a Democratic China (japan)民主中國陣線日本

Asia Liberty and Democracy Joint Council 亞洲自由民主連帶協議會

Global democratic chariot alliance 全球民主戰車同盟

IFCSS 全美学自联

Youtan Li (李酉潭, Professor  of National Chengchi University,Taiwan)

Mingxia(明霞 Japan China Monthly, Editor-in-Chief,Japan) 日本中囯月刊主編明霞

Chinese Democracy Movement Alliance in Australia Inc(墨尔本民运联盟)

China New Youth Democratic Party(民主新青年)

Chinese Political and Religious Victims Support Association 中國政治及宗教受難者後援會

Contemporary China Review 當代中國評論

New York Chinese Contemporary Artists Association 紐約華人當代藝術家協會

Bouden House 博登書屋

North American Chinese Culture Research Institute 北美中華文化研究院


北京之春杂志社 Beijing Spring


Youth China 青年中国

Zhang Jie reviews 张杰点评

Baosheng Media 宝胜传媒

National Resonance 全民共振

Private Entrepreneurs Alliance (Preparation) 民营企业家联盟(筹)

Chen Pokong Discussing the World 陳破空縱論天下

張林視野 Zhang Lin Vision

中华联邦党 China Federal Party

中国自由军 Chinese Free Army

去国者宪政研究会 Exiles Constitutionalism research association

中國暴政觀察 China tyranny watch

中国民主党全国联合总部(China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters)

中国民主党全国联合总部,欧洲党部(China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters, Europe Party Headquarters)

中国民主党全国联合总部,德国党部(China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters, German Party Headquarters)

中国民主党全国联合总部,法国党部(China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters, French Party Headquarters)

中国民主党全国联合总部,韩国党部(China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters Korean Party Headquarters)

中国民主党全国联合总部,泰国党部(China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters Thailand Party Headquarters)

(Hou Zhiming, Mary,President of China Solidarity Association, Paris, France)法国巴黎 中国团结协会主席侯芷明,玛丽

Yutong Su (蘇雨桐Independent media person) 獨立媒體人蘇雨桐

内蒙古民主党 Inner Mongolia Democratic Party

欧洲之声Sino Euro Voices

North American Executive Committee of China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters中國民主黨 National Joint Headquarters North America Executive Committee全國聯合總部北美執行委員會

Bidong Ge(戈壁東Liberty author) 自由作者 戈壁東

Guagncheng Chen (陈光诚Independent media person) 独立媒体人陈光诚

Far East Freedom Youth League远东青年自由同盟 议报编辑部

Xu Wenli (徐文立senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University(retire))布朗大學榮退資深研究員 徐文立

中国民主党全国联合总部内华达州党部(China Democracy Party National Joint Headquarters, Nevada Party Headquarters)

Qi’s Cultural Foundation 齊氏文化基金會

Shanghai National Party 上海民族党

US Hongkongers Club 美國香港人會館

Be Free People 做自由人

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