Lily Tang Williams runs for Congress

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (http://FreeOurChina.com) support Congress candidate Ms. Lily Tang Williams! We thank @Lily4Liberty for standing with us against the Communist Party regimes, and to be our future 1st Chinese immigrant as our our voice to fight against the Communist system.
I am Lily Tang Williams. I was born in China to illiterate working-class parents, suffered under Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Communist dictatorship. I wanted freedom. America was my promised land. I was 23 when I fled tyranny.

Arriving with $100 in my pocket and knowing very little English. I worked hard to make my American dream come true. Today I am happily married with three children, have my own businesses, and live in the Granite State where the spirit of liberty resides. My
concern is that my children and grand-children will not have the same opportunities I had.

I see the shadow of authoritarianism cast by politicians who have locked us down, closed small businesses, inflated our money, and mortgaged our children’s future.

I saw it all before in China: the division of society, silencing dissident voices, taking away parental rights, the indoctrination of youth, endless government mandates and control. People are losing their rights to make a living and make their own life choices. Are you worried yet? I am.

I fear that the country I love is becoming like the country I left. That is why I am running for Congress. It is time for the majority to speak up and defend our country from the radical left, and keep the American Dream alive for our children.

My name is Lily Tang Williams, an American citizen by choice running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District.

Please donate, volunteer, follow on Twitter @lily4Liberty and vote for me. I will be honored to represent and serve the people of New Hampshire.

我叫唐百合, 我出生在中国,父母是文盲工人。 我经历了毛泽东的文化大革命和共产独裁带来的灾难。我渴望自由, 美国是我向往的家园。 23岁的时候我逃离了暴政,怀揣着100美元来到美国,连英语都不会说。我努力工作,实现了自己的美国梦。如今我有幸福的婚姻和三个孩子,经营着自己的生意, 生活在仍然具有自由精神的 “花岗岩州”。 我担忧的是,我的孩子和他们的孩子将失去我曾经享有的机会。 因为我看到极权统治的阴影浮现,那些政客们强制令把我们限制在家、关闭小企业、制造通货膨胀、挥霍我们孩子的未来。 这一切我都曾经在中国经历过: 分裂社会、禁止反对者发声、剥夺父母对孩子的教育权、给下一代洗脑、没完没了的发布政府强制令来管控人民的生活。人民正在逐渐失去他们谋生和选择自己生活方式的权利。 您担忧吗? 我很担忧,因为我恐怕这个我热爱的国家正在变成我逃离的那个国家。是时候我们沉默的大多数人都出来发声、保卫我们的家园不被极左操控了。 因此我要竞选国会议员,希望能让我们的孩子也能继续实现美国梦。 我叫唐百合,我选择成为美国公民,竞选新罕布什尔州第二国会区议员。敬请捐助、做志愿者、并投我的票。我将非常荣幸的代表并为新罕布什尔的人民服务。 捐助请到我的网页 https://www.lilytangwilliams.com/congress/donate/ YouTube English: Lily4Congress - I Fear The Country I Love Is Becoming Like The Country I Left -


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