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活動時間:下午6:00-7:00 PM
443 Shatto Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90020
活動召集人:界立建+1 (929) 498-9936
活動召集人:葛坤     +1 (626) 986-8909
活動召集人:黃建濱+1 (626) 241-5640
活動召集人:趙卿     +1 (626) 215-7545

Title: Protest against CCP in the international democracy day, and immediate release foo Dr. Bingzhang Wang
Dr. Bingzhang Wang was illegally kidnapped by Chinese Communist Party from Vietnam in June the 27th, 2002, then he was sentence to lifetime jail. He is the only one left who was still alive as a political prisoner, and was separately imprisoned by the government up to 20 years. During his imprisonment, his companion was loneliness and cockroach and spider day and night over 7300 days.
Dr. Bingzhang Wang was the first international student in pursuit of Philosophy of Doctor in Medicine after reform and open-up policy in China. He, 75 years old, was also one of the founders of China Democracy Party, and suffered from stoke three times and other body disease seriously affecting his health and threatening his life over the times in dark jail. His family now is launching the protest activity to rescue Dr. Bingzhang Wang and appeal to Chinese governmental releasing him immediately and call for medical treatment as weel as reunion with his family members.
All political dissenters are welcome to attend the protest activity and fight against totalitarian regime of CCP and defend freedom and democracy, calling for the immediate release of all so called political prisoners.
Organization: China Democracy Party
Date: Sep the 15th, 2022 (Thurs)
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Address: 443 Shatto Pl, Los Angeles, CA 900


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