We strongly call on the British and American governments to take strong action against the criminal acts of the CCP embassy personnel

Recently, protesters from Hong Kong protesting CCP atrocities peacefully protested in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester, England. There was an astonishing scene of protesters being dragged into the consulate and violently beaten. This once again shocked those who thought China was a peaceful and friendly country. Obviously, CCP officials are very tactical. They know that it is illegal to attack peaceful demonstrators at will in the UK, and wantonly murder and beat people, so they resorted to the hooligan method of pulling a protester into the embassy and beating him. The second is the CCP Embassy try to legitimate defense counterattack of the embassy personnel within the embassy.

However, this kind of hooliganism by the CCP has long been unworkable in the public eye. There are a large number of video recordings on the scene to prove that they dragged Hong Kong protesters into the consulate and started beating Hong Kong person together. The evil deeds of the CCP have already caused extremely bad effects. Of course, hooligans never shame, they just want to create fear, trying to make people afraid and not dare to resist.

We call on the British government to take legal measures against the Chinese consulate members who have done evil, and expel the embassy staff who behave badly.

A similar incident actually happened on the evening of September 20. A shocking scene also happened in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States.

That was happened during the Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance, Federation for a Democratic China, Liberty Sculpture Park, some Mainland China Victims Petitioners and Mrs. Geng He went to the Chinese Embassy to protest against the Chinese regime arrest and killing innocent people, and demand to release Chinese human rights and freedom leader Dr. Wang Bingzhang and human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng.  Jane Xiuhong Jin, the chairperson of the Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance, was forcibly pressed onto the ground by three US police and detained her and Mr. Jiemin Bai, the Vice Chairman. Jin was injured and is still recovering in the rehab facility. The arrest and detention of Chinese human rights activists by the Washington DC Chinese Embassy area US Special Service Police this time was also caused by the false accusation and frame-up of these Chinese human rights advocates by the Chinese embassy. The Chinese embassy actually called the police and falsely claimed that the two human rights leaders attacked the police and their embassy staff which is totally opposite – it was the Chinese Embassy Staff who came out with a weapon – umbrella to attack and threaten the peaceful demonstrators first by the fact.  Jin and Bai just wanted to stop the CCP staff’s attack to them… But these human rights activists were arrested while the Chinese Embassy Staff and the Gard which hired and paid by the CCP were not arrested.  The next day, Chairperson Jin and Vice Chairman Bai were both acquitted. Obviously, the police have no evidence. This is just another despicable act of shameless slander and frame-up by the Chinese embassy!

The various despicable behaviors of the CCP’s embassy and consulate personnels are actually cultivated and educated by the CCP, and even have been trained for a long time. This once again shows how evil the CCP is. They attempt to make full use of the immunity of embassy and consulate personnel to exercise. The most hooligan criminal acts, fortunately, their actions are exposed to everyone’s eyes again and again. We strongly call on the British and American governments to take strong action against the criminal acts of the CCP embassy personnel, expel the criminal personnel of the CCP embassy, and close down these criminal acts’ Embassies. The evil consulate peace must never allow to be established under rogue rule and terror!

China League for Democracy and Human Rights

Democratic China Front

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