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Initiator of the “Demolish the Wall Movement,” Qiao Xinxin, goes missing in Laos, suspected of involvement in cross-border law enforcement by Chinese public security authorities.

Qiao Xinxin, a prominent male dissident who actively called for the dismantling of China’s internet firewall, has gone missing in Laos shortly before the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Reports indicate that Qiao Xinxin was taken from his residence by government officials, raising suspicions of the involvement of Chinese public security in cross-border law enforcement. Concerned dissidents are urgently appealing to the US State Department and other channels for intervention.

Qiao Xinxin, originally from Qidong County, Hunan province, gained attention for his involvement in the “Demolish the Wall Movement” (BanGFW), which aimed to expose the isolation caused by China’s internet censorship affecting over 1.4 billion mainland Chinese residents. According to sources, Chinese authorities had ordered network police from various provinces to engage in a month-long battle with “overseas internet armies” in Beijing.

Recent reports reveal that Qiao Xinxin’s family in Hunan has faced pressure and intimidation from authorities, reflecting a pattern of using family members to suppress dissent among overseas Chinese. As the timing of his disappearance coincides with the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, many believe that his abduction serves as a warning to overseas dissidents, discouraging them from protesting against the Chinese Communist Party regime. Dissidents are actively seeking the involvement of the US State Department and other officials to address this cross-border arrest and suppression. Qiao Xinxin’s case underscores the ongoing challenges faced by individuals seeking freedom of speech outside of China and highlights the lengths to which the Chinese authorities go to exert control over dissidents and their families.

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